Aliyun, Alibaba Group’s cloud computing arm, has announced that it will establish a new cloud data center in Singapore. Its headquarters for overseas business will also be based out of Singapore to drive Aliyun’s overseas expansion plan. Scheduled for an early September launch, the Singapore facility will be the seventh globally.

The new cloud data center leverages on Alibaba Group’s recent US$1 billion investment for cloud computing, and will enable more businesses to benefit from secure and reliable Aliyun-powered cloud services while riding on record foreign direct investment flows in Southeast Asia.

“Singapore is a natural destination to be our headquarters for overseas expansion. The city state is a natural springboard into the Asia Pacific region, not only for us, but for our target audience. We are seeing healthy demand for cloud-related data management services in Singapore because of the ease of doing business, comprehensive transport and telecommunications connections and robust intellectual property regime. The stable geo-political climate and abundance of highly skilled talent are advantages too,” said Sicheng (Ethan) Yu, vice president of Aliyun.

With direct connections to Aliyun's data center network via Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Silicon Valley, the Singapore cloud data center will cater to the cloud computing needs of businesses investing in Southeast Asia with Chinese businesses being a key focus.

“The cloud data center in Singapore is a key milestone in our strategy to help businesses of all sizes innovate and scale, wherever they are based, and however they choose to grow,” said Yu. “Aliyun offers a unique combination of services for success in the cloud, including high-volume cloud-based transaction support and quality assurance for cloud computing services.”

In the June quarter this year, Aliyun’s revenue growth from cloud computing and Internet infrastructure increased 106% year-on-year, driven by the accelerated growth of its cloud computing business compared to 82% in the prior quarter.

Aliyun has successfully established itself as the market leader in cloud computing services in China. Security and reliability are Aliyun hallmarks. Aliyun is the first cloud security provider to earn ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification in China. It is also the first cloud service provider to offer Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Star certification for its facilities all over the world. CSA Star certification is an enhancement to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard that addresses issues around cloud security.

Aliyun’s expertise with extremely massive workloads in the cloud is proven. It supplies the technology infrastructure for Alibaba Group and provides sophisticated networking solutions, big-data intelligence products and large-scale cloud computing services to third parties. The company currently serves 1.8 million customers as of June 30, 2015, including key Chinese corporations and Chinese government agencies and state-owned public service providers.

Leading up to the official launch, core service for the Singapore data centre can now be pre-ordered on

  • Elastic Computing Service, which provides high availability and maximize performance

Other services, which will be available on after the official launch include:

  • Relational Database Service, which is immediately usable, reliable and elastic
  • Server Load Balance, a load balancing service that distributes traffic for multiple cloud servers
  • Open Cache Service, an online caching service, which provides rapid response for the access of hotspot data
  • Open Storage Service, a massive, secure and highly reliable cloud storage service
  • Open Table Service, a NoSQL database service, which provides users with storage and real-time access of mass structured data
  • Yundun: a security service, which includes DDoS protection, host intrusion prevention, vulnerability detection, Trojan detection, and etc.