Power quality should be a concern for owners of public service, broadcast communication, and data centers, especially for those lacking proper grounding and bonding systems. Next month, information and technology professionals can learn about the necessary steps to protect their property and minimize power outages during a session lead by David Brender, the National Program Manager for Electrical Applications at the Copper Development Association (CDA), at the BICSI Conference, in Las Vegas.

Over the course of five days, the BICSI conference & expo will feature more than 24 presentations, plus two motivational keynote speakers, focusing on information and communications technology education. Brender’s session is scheduled for 9 a.m., Sept. 23.

During his hour-long presentation, Brender will review several CDA case histories involving 911 public service and broadcast communications as well as data centers that experienced service disruption as a result of a multitude of frequently-found errors in wiring, grounding and bonding. By making corrections to the power quality infrastructure and adopting practical guidelines for any sensitive location that operates electronic equipment, communication facilities can ensure they remain online and unaffected.

“Proper grounding and bonding systems are crucial for public service and broadcast communication and data centers responsible for responding to emergency situations,” Brender said.  “Without these easily obtainable and cost-effective systems in place, emergency situations could turn into catastrophic events.”

Copper and its alloys are the most common grounding and bonding materials because they provide superior reliability, corrosion resistance and avoid oxidation complications at connections.

Brender is an expert on grounding and bonding and has been giving presentations for CDA on the topic for more than 13 years.  He spoke about the same issue at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in 2015.