InterCloud Systems, Inc. has announced a large multi-site, metropolitan city deployment for the City of Yonkers.

New York State's fourth-largest city has selected InterCloud. to provide network infrastructure to replace dated legacy equipment, leveraging the latest Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and virtual and advanced core data networking technologies. InterCloud will deploy industry leading manufacturer's next generation data center and voice technologies to improve performance and the City of Yonkers end user experience. The contract is valued at approximately $1.5 Million.

The new system platform features include video conferencing, audio conferencing, and mobile solutions using VoIP and VoIP over WiFi, delivering several of the latest mobility advancements in technology. InterCloud's SIP resilient platform design will also support future applications. "We are excited to be able to bring to the enterprise efficient, advanced features and still cut costs long term for the City of Yonkers," said InterCloud's VP of Sales Anthony Zarro.

Robert W. Cacace Jr., commissioner of information technology for the City of Yonkers, says one of the primary drivers in the city's decision to embrace a voice over IP network is cost savings. "All municipal governments of our size are under tough fiscal constraints. Raising taxes is not an answer. We are constantly asking ourselves, "Can we make a capital investment to lower our operating costs?  VoIP fits right in there," explains Cacace.

Mr. Cacace also also noted that once the new infrastructure is fully deployed later this year, it will cut Yonkers' monthly telephone expenses by 25%  — savings that can be reinvested to further enhance the city's digital footprint and attract more businesses downtown.

Commissioner Cacace cited two reasons for his decision to go with InterCloud for these multiple solutions: the firm's knowledge of the industry and its approach towards customer service. "They take the burden of proactively monitoring our network and assisting our engineering staff with first-rate support," he says.

Joseph Scotti, vice president of InterCloud Systems, Inc. stated, "He is proud of his team's design and engineering efforts at the City of Yonkers and other city governments. InterCloud Systems is committed to supporting the Yonkers executive leadership team in their efforts to reduce cost, deploy advanced, resilient technology, and to deliver exceptional customer service to the Yonkers community."