Based on high levels of demand, Compass Datacenters has expanded its portfolio of sites that are available for customers with the purchase rights for land in the Atlanta metro area, the Dallas metro area, and suburban Columbus. The land parcels in Lithia Springs, Georgia (Metro Atlanta) and Richardson, Texas (Metro Dallas) will be Compass’ first data center campuses in these two fast-growing data center markets. The land parcel in New Albany, Ohio (suburban Columbus) is an expansion of Compass’ presence in that market, which has proven to have strong demand for Compass’ products. Compass Datacenter now controls these sites and has completed key functions that enable customers to dramatically accelerate their dedicated data center builds, including entitling, permitting, site planning, infrastructure design and facility design.

“Our customers have identified these markets as locations where they want to work with Compass to build dedicated data center facilities, and these newly-acquired land parcels are ideal sites because of their access to network and utility infrastructure, proximity to their operations, minimal risk factors and more,” said Chris Curtis, senior vice president, Development & Acquisitions at Compass Datacenters. “These sites are available immediately to customers through our unique Simple Site Selection program, which allows companies to dramatically accelerate — and eliminate the headaches of — one of the most time-consuming and complex steps in a data center project: site selection and permitting.”

By selecting these sites, Compass customers get sites that have already been pre-screened, entitled and permitted for data center facilities. Compass has also already completed master site plans and facility designs, enabling customers to complete their dedicated data center project far faster and far more economically than alternative approaches. Below is an overview of each site:

  • Lithia Springs, Georgia – This 23.5 acre parcel of land in suburban Atlanta can accommodate four or five (4-5) Compass 1.2 MW data centers in the master plan created by Compass and pre-permitted by the city and county. Significant economic incentives are available for data center projects at this location, and there is an option of working with either GreyStone Power or Georgia Power as a utility partner. The site has robust power infrastructure fed by three power substations in the area, multiple power feeds onto the land and redundancy built into the power grid.
  •  Richardson, Texas – This 10.2 acre parcel of land in the heart of suburban Dallas’ Telecom Corridor can accommodate two (2) Compass 1.2 MW data centers in the master plan created by Compass and pre-permitted by the city and county. The site has a robust, high-reliability power infrastructure and excellent fiber capabilities.
  •  New Albany, Ohio – This 9.5 acre parcel of land in the New Albany Business Park in suburban Columbus is just north of the data center Compass recently completed for American Electric Power (AEP). The site can accommodate two (2) Compass 1.2 MW data centers and is in a proven location for data center facilities that includes IT operations for multiple enterprises. The pre-permitted and master-planned site has robust power with redundancy built into the power grid with dual feeds in a looped system.

“These three markets are high interest areas for our customers who have found conventional colocation alternatives to be insufficient for their needs. That is why Compass has added these parcels of land to our portfolio of sites that are available for builds with very aggressive timelines,” said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters. “Even in ‘major’ markets like Dallas and Atlanta, businesses want the functionality that we can deliver in a dedicated facility, such as a loading dock that you don’t have to share, dedicated storage and staging space, and total control over the site’s operations — at the same price point that they  would find for traditional wholesale colocation.”

Crosby added, “One of the biggest advantages of working with Compass is our Simple Site Selection program, which eliminates the time that is normally required for a company to locate a suitable location and bypass the usual hurdles related to entitling, permitting and site planning. This can save a tremendous amount of time and cost for companies seeking to build dedicated data centers.”