Sentinel Data Centers has it has brought online North Carolina’s first dedicated transmission voltage substation for use by a multi-tenant data center. Engineered and constructed similarly to Sentinel’s NJ-1 69kV substation in the NY/NJ region, Sentinel NC-1’s 100kV substation can support up to 50MW of capacity in a 2N configuration, with redundant service via separate feeds from diverse 230kV utility switching stations.

The new substation also enables Sentinel’s Transmission+ product set, a lower-cost, “infrastructure-light” solution that leverages transmission-quality utility distribution to provide high availability levels using less infrastructure and at a lower cost. Transmission+ load blocks can be deployed granularly allowing Sentinel’s end-users to match cost structures with resiliency requirements on a workload by workload basis.

“Multi-tiered data center solutions remain a widely unmet need in the colocation space,” says Paul Hines, vice president of operations & engineering at Sentinel Data Centers. “The inherent reliability in our transmission voltage utility service permits flexible infrastructure tiering that can easily match tenant application requirements, while maintaining high availability.”

The substation build took place over a 24 month period, during which time Sentinel Data Centers collaborated with Duke Energy on designing and constructing the 100kV substation. The networked, diversely routed circuits feeding the new station have not been contemporaneously offline at any point over the last five years and we have every confidence that such reliability will continue.

In addition to enhanced reliability, Sentinel’s new substation will facilitate more attractive occupancy economics. Through Duke Energy’s new OPT-V rate which incentivizes high voltage and large loads — as well as applicable incentives — Sentinel’s NC-1 facility will realize among the lowest power costs in the Eastern U.S.