NovaTorque, Inc. has released a new brochure that includes data and case study results of particular interest to data center owners and HVAC equipment OEMs. Data center cooling is a major focus for NovaTorque, a maker of ultra-efficient, cost-effective electronically commutated permanent magnet (ECPM) motors. The company now has data to quantify exactly how much more efficient their permanent magnet motors are compared to the commonly used induction motors from well-known national brands.

Brochure excerpt:

On a recent project comparing a leading national brand’s Premium efficiency induction motor to?a NovaTorque PremiumPlus+ motor, a power reduction of 18% was achieved at identical operating conditions on the same VFD and air handler. This becomes quite significant on a data center project with multiple identical units operating 24 hours a day.

Since the company’s inception, NovaTorque’s mission has been to reduce unnecessary energy consumption by creating products that are energy efficient and cost effective without reducing performance. The new brochure offers details on the range of available NovaTorque Premium Plus+® motor configurations by HP and speed.

The new brochure is available for download.