Mission Critical Magazine and the Critical Facilities Roundtable salute our many readers and members from across the USA for supporting our inaugural “Data Center and Computing Conference” (DC3) last June at the Time Square Marriot Marquis. For two days, our speakers and sponsors entertained nearly 350 data center attendees, many of whom came from the financial services and colocation community of New York City, the greatest community of “mission critical” data centers in the world. Feedback from our attendees consistently praises the quality of our speaker’s content, our sponsor presentations, and our venue location. Take a look at www.mcdatacenterconf.com for all the details.

We all want to thank speakers that traveled from afar to fulfill a conference objective of sharing solutions from the world of Internet and Technology data centers including David Gautier of Microsoft, Henry Wong of Intel, Dave Rothero of HP, and Charlie Manese of Facebook. These gentlemen shared current and future challenges and innovations in the face of accelerating changes in hyper-scale cloud computing environments and advanced data center technologies. Bankers and enterprise operators alike flocked to the presentations to hear about their recent achievements first hand.

We also want thank the “favorite son” local speakers that truly represented the innovation and leadership of New York City with Dennis Cronin of Steel Orca that presented on DC power and on-site power generation at his facilities in Princeton, and Rhonda Ascierto of 451 Group speaking on how to do DCIM the right way, and Barry Novick of Blackrock Financial that showed us how to independently manage your own PLC automation systems. They were followed by a well-received panel on “Mission Critical Leadership” with Bob Cassiliano, CEO of 7x24 Exchange; Jack Glass, managing director of Citi Group; Don Beatty, CEO of DLB Associates; and Chris Crosby CEO of Compass Datacenters, that addressed where they see our future Mission Critical Data Center leadership coming from.

Next, we want extend a special thanks to our principal sponsors Schneider Electric, Eaton, Panduit, and Siemens for releasing ground breaking information about their newest data center solutions, and for bringing along their technology partners to provide comprehensive “solutions workshops” and their enduser customers to testify to the successes of their often fascinating implementations. We also thank our Silver and sponsors Future Facilities, Emerson Electric, UpSite Technologies, Novotorque, Nortec, and Stultz for their excellent presentations.

And, many thanks go to our many Bronze sponsors and Knowledge Partners like DOE, The Green Grid, NYSERDA, Consolidated Edison, AATC University, IBM, and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs all of whom contributed energy efficiency and new technology tutorials to bring our attendees even greater value. Last but not least, we want to congratulate Matt Gleason, VP of Core Site Data Centers, for his selection as “Mission Critical Facility Manager of the Year” for 2015. If you are interested in finding out more about our conference plans for 2016, please contact Bruce Myatt at 415-748-0515 or Caroline Fritz at 303-250-2781.