T5 Data Centers™ has announced that the company has signed a lease for a new 6 MW data center service tenant at its T5@Dallas facility. With the signing of this lease, the T5@Dallas wholesale data center campus now is 93% percent occupied.

In addition to the current lease, the new tenant also has obtained rights to install a customized data center of 20-25 MW on the adjacent 16-acre site owned by T5 Data Centers. As a byproduct of the new lease, the new tenant will bring more robust metro fiber connectivity and interconnection services into the building.

T5@Dallas now has tenants in all of its four independent data centers with leases to a financial services company, a telecommunications provider, and now a data center service company. Texas-4 is housed inside the T5@Dallas wholesale data center facility, a purpose-built, 315,000 square-foot building on a 20-acre site located in Legacy Business Park in Plano, Texas. The entire T5@Dallas facility is LEED-Silver Certified and built to withstand winds up to 221 miles per hour. It has dual primary power feeds connected to two separate substations, and is concurrently maintainable (mechanically and electrically) and fault tolerant (electrically).

"The Legacy Business Park continues to be the location of choice for the discerning corporate user," said Pete Marin, president and CEO of T5 Data Centers. "With only one data hall of 1.5mw remaining in T5@Dallas available for lease, we are excited to be expanding our presence in Dallas very soon."