365 Data Centers has announced that it provides pro bono data center colocation and services to support the mission of San Francisco’s GLIDE, one of the Bay Area’s largest social service nonprofit agencies. 365’s Emeryville data center delivered 100 percent uptime for GLIDE’s website hosting and technology infrastructure over the past eight years without a single interruption or incident. Website uptime is critical for GLIDE to meet its community support and fundraising goals.

“GLIDE’s website is very important to its mission of serving thousands of San Francisco’s poorest residents daily,” said Kristen Growney Yamamoto, GLIDE’s co-executive director. “From communicating our need for volunteers and donations to informing others of GLIDE’s social services and programs for the needy and those living on the margins, our communications infrastructure needs to be available when our community needs us most.”

The infrastructure that supports the GLIDE.org website used to be housed in a small server room at GLIDE’s office. The organization’s growing technology requirements caused its on-premises system to experience power interruptions, and it did not have the amount of space, cooling or other resources necessary to accommodate expansion or system upgrades. GLIDE initially used 365’s facility to more reliably house its website equipment and has expanded its use to include disaster recovery and backup of business critical systems that support ongoing operations, communications and potential disaster preparedness.

“Without 365’s help we would have to spend more than $37,000 a year on technical facilities and support; instead, that money is re-allocated to GLIDE’s various programs that directly help our clients,” said Michael Kifer, IT and administrative service director at the GLIDE Foundation. “We are also using 365’s facility to replicate and backup GLIDE’s technical systems such as storage, data and voice for disaster recovery and added reliability just in case our solutions become overloaded or fail. The fact that we haven’t had an interruption or downtime in eight years allows us to have peace of mind, and 365’s extremely reliable facilities and services keep our day-to-day activities running smoothly.”

“GLIDE’s humanitarian work is well recognized, earning it the love and support of the entire region. 365 is thankful to be a part of GLIDE’s ongoing tradition of compassionate assistance,” said Keao Caindec, chief commercial officer, 365 Data Centers. “We invest a lot of resources in our facilities and have the best operations people working around the clock so that organizations such as GLIDE can focus on what they do best. The fact that my wife and I had our first date at GLIDE and one of our employees, Russ Adams, used to work there makes being a part of GLIDE’s story extra gratifying for us here at 365.”