Schneider Electric’s Energy University has been recognized by the Advancing Academia Commission on Higher Education (AACHE) making Energy University a certified teaching alliance to AATC University, offering over 200 online courses to mission critical and data center students.

Energy University is a free, online learning program focused on improving energy efficiency and conservation in any organization. Developed by Schneider Electric,Energy University delivers timely, unbiased information from data center and energy experts on the issues that matter most: energy consumption and measurement, efficiency applications, and ROI calculations.

Energy University courses include both energy efficiency and data center topics, and are always self-paced and available on demand. Numerous global professional associations have either endorsed the program or assigned continuing education credits for courses. In addition, Energy University also offers Professional Energy Manager (PEM) and Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA) certification opportunities.

Available on-demand anytime at, it has been helping professionals since 2009 make smarter choices about the top issues impacting the energy industry today. Currently, more than 730,000 courses have been taken by over 450,000 professionals in 13 languages and in over 180 countries.

Boost your career with certification. AATC members can register for Energy University today and save 15% on the DCCA or PEM exam fee. (Use code AATC15 prior to payment). Visit the website using this link.

The Advancing Achievers Technology University Center (AATC University) represents a revolutionary revival of the Classical University System styled after the original European model. The AATC University was formed through teaching alliances with world-class teaching programs specializing in areas of mission critical concern. The AATC University, (developed through Leadership Logic Consulting), offers continuing education and degree programs for transitioning military veterans and students through universally accepted distance learning, independent learning contracts and portfolio assessment. AATC University is a charter member of the Advancing Academia Commission on Higher Education (AACHE) which accredits curriculum, designs and approves degree programs, certifies teachers and accredits on-line study sites and systems.