Global revenue from data center power distribution hardware is forecast to reach $505.9 million by the end of 2016 according to a recently published IHS study: Data Center Power Distribution Report – 2015. The report quantifies the market for transformer-based power distribution units, remote power panels, static transfer switches, branch circuit monitoring, and overhead busway. All are used in the power path downstream of the uninterruptible power supply and typically located in the white space of the data center.

New IHS data estimates the global data center power distribution market to have been worth $488.8 million in 2014, 3.7% growth over 2013. While this appears to be fairly moderate growth, in line with other data center infrastructure markets, looking at each product type separately paints a more varied picture, as there are some significant product shifts occurring.

The static transfer switch market is estimated to have declined slightly in 2014, which is not surprising considering the rise of dual corded servers and IT equipment which no longer require a static transfer switch to receive redundant power. In contrast, busway and branch circuit monitoring products experienced the highest growth rates, with 2014 growth in the high single digits, each driven by unique factors. Branch circuit monitoring helps data center managers track power use, calculate efficiency metrics, and provision power effectively. Busway is being sold as an alternative to RPPs and whips that allows for space savings, more flexibility, and lower operating expenses.

As the biggest product categories and the most established in the data center market, power distribution units and remote power panels saw more moderate growth. However, the remote power panel market will likely be susceptible to slowing sales in the future, as the adoption of overhead busway increases. The differences in demand for each of the data center power distribution product types will be important to track going forward as these shifts continue to occur.

IHS regularly analyzes all aspects of the data center infrastructure market. The Data Center Power Distribution Report – 2015 provides in-depth analysis across three world regions: the Americas, EMEA, and Asia. Unit shipments, average unit prices, and revenue are estimated for 2014 and forecast through 2019. The market is segmented by sub-region, product type, power rating, breaker rating, distribution voltage, sales channel, vertical market, and application. Supplier market share estimates, and an analysis of the competitive environment, are also provided.