AFL received four patents which enhance AFL’s optical connectivity, fusion splicing, and fiber optic cable product lines.

The first patent is for a “Bare Glass Fiber Holder” which enables cleaving, splicing or other glass processing operations with uncoated bare glass fibers. Soft clamping surfaces within the fiber holder allow the cleaving and splicing operations to be performed without significant damage to the bare glass surface. This fiber holder design can be optimized for any fiber diameter. Doug Duke and Yoshiharu Kanda are the inventors.

The second patent is for a “Stackable Fiber Management Spool with Resealable Fiber Retention Arms.” This spool is used to hold and retain copper and fiber optic cables. The integral retaining arms pivot on a hinge allowing easy access of cable wrapped around the spool central hub. Ted Lichoulas and Eddie Kimbrell are the inventors.

The third patent is for an “Optical Connector Organizer,” a process that makes the multiple conductors packaging process more efficient and secure. The invention allows an installer to quickly open the conductor packaging to inspect and test the cable trunk and reseal the package prior to installation. Ted Lichoulas, Chris Donaldson and Eddie Kimbrell are the inventors.

The fourth patent is for “Method to assemble and polish a connector with an optical fiber that has air-gaps or voids in its cladding,” usually for the purpose of optimizing bend performance. Kheng Hwa Seng is the inventor.