IP EXPO Europe has announced the addition of Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure CTO, and Barak Regev, head of Google’s EMEA Cloud Platform, to the 2015 keynote speaker line-up.

Russinovich and Regev will go head to head on the major IP EXPO Europe keynote panel session ‘The Future of the Cloud’ and join a prestigious speaker line-up that includes SAP’s chief technologist, Mark Darbyshire, F-Secure’s Mikko Hypponen, and Silent Circle founder, Phil Zimmerman. The speaker programme will cover all aspects of next-generation IT requirements, including cyber security, data centre, DevOps, data analytics, and unified communication in addition to cloud and Infrastructure.

Mark Russinovich is chief technology officer of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform. He is considered one of Microsoft’s most important software engineers and a widely recognized expert in distributed systems. He is the driving force behind Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure and has lead Microsoft to become the biggest code contributor to Docker.

Barak Regev is head of Google’s EMEA Cloud Platform, and a key reason behind Google’s incredible cloud growth. A renowned cloud evangelist focusing on the advantages of strong data storage and analytics capabilities to drive cloud as the next cycle in computing.

Bradley Maule-ffinch, director of strategy for IP EXPO Europe, said, “Russinovich and Regev are considered two of the most important Cloud heavyweights in Europe and EMEA. We are very excited to welcome them to our Keynote Theatre this year. As Cloud technologies continue to develop and become the norm for many businesses, learning from the experts is more important than ever. We look forward to hearing what both these Cloud pioneers will have to say.”

The keynote panel session ‘The Future of the Cloud’ will take place at 12:00pm on Day One, 7th October, at the IP EXPO Europe keynote theatre.