Server Technology has combined three of its technologies into one PDU: HDOT Switched on the PRO2 platform with Alternating Phase outlets. This All-in-1 cabinet PDU includes High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT); Alternating Phase Outlets provide better airflow, easy load balancing, and greater efficiencies; and the PRO2 Platform, a flexible and feature rich hardware and firmware platform.

The HDOT Switched product line includes the following power options: 3-phase 208V 30A, 3-phase 208V 60A, and 3-phase 415V 30A (400V 32A for international). Cord entry options are front face or bottom end. Two outlet modules to select for each of the two positions in the assembly: 18xC13 or 12xC13+6xC19.

To combat the limited physical space that PDUs compete for in the data center rack, Server Technology developed High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT), the smallest form factor PDU which significantly increases real estate in the back of the rack by fitting 42 C13's in a 42U high network managed PDU device — that's over 30% smaller than a comparable PDU using standard outlets. This was accomplished by removing the shell that surrounds commercially available C13 and C19 outlets, and creating a series of multi-outlet modules in a variety of configurations that fit into a common monolithic metal enclosure. To exploit this design and the thousands of variations it makes available, Server Technology developed a quick turn manufacturing process that provides short lead times for PDU's with the exact combination of C19 and C13 outlets in the locations where the customer needs them. The HDOT design implements high native cord retention, reducing or eliminating the need for custom and costly ancillary locking cord devices.

With increasing outlet density comes increased power, and potentially increased heat. HDOT is manufactured with robust high temperature materials carrying a UL94 V-0 flame rating, making these outlets ideally suited for the harshest data center environments.

Alternating Phase- To simplify load balancing and cable management, Server Technology offers PDUs with Alternating Phase outlets, which distribute phases on a per receptacle basis, providing tangible benefits in the form of shorter cable runs, resulting in better airflow, easier load balancing, and greater efficiencies. Prior to the advent of HDOT, Alternating Phase products were impractical to build due to the low outlet density inherent with discreet commercially available outlets.

PRO2- Server Technology built the HDOT Switched PDU on our new PRO2 platform, a flexible and feature rich hardware and firmware platform with higher on board compute power, support for all modern security protocols, redundant features, and advanced customization all built into the product. The new PRO2 architecture is ideal in any situation where reliability and uptime are important, particularly in high temperature and high security applications. With PRO2, customers can maintain uptime with access to current data and future trends.