Globalstar, Inc. has announced that it has awarded a contract to technology company Yippy, Inc. to provide private cloud data services utilizing Globalstar’s satellite network and devices. Globalstar customers will have the ability to more easily gain access to internet connectivity when beyond cellular, making it easier to stay connected, efficiently maintain secure business operations and send and receive critical data.

The companies have reached an agreement to build out a global ubiquitous network utilizing the Yippy EASE 360 platform. This network will allow Globalstar customers to access online information as well as corporate data silos with enhanced download and upload speeds with a focus on primary content. While Globalstar already maintains the highest data speeds in the industry which will improve up to 25x with the next generation ground infrastructure, the EASE 360 platform significantly enhances the customer experience such that web pages and content downloads/uploads are materially faster while maintaining a secure connection.

“Globalstar is constantly modernizing the MSS industry, including next generation data services for our customers who demand useable and reliable connectivity. Yippy was chosen because their platform provides a highly unique software solution that will allow us to better leverage our satellite services capabilities including Sat-Fi and the Globalstar 9600 by more closely aligning the user’s satellite experience with terrestrial applications,” stated Jay Monroe, Chairman and CEO of Globalstar.

Richard Granville, CEO, Yippy, Inc., commented, “Globalstar has a large and growing customer base that will strongly value our combined offerings, especially heavy industry and government organizations who require fast access to data. We will bring customers a highly secure platform far more advanced than the technologies utilized by Globalstar’s competitors.”