Unexpected events like power failure, flood and HVAC malfunction threaten large data centers and small computer rooms. So do fluctuating conditions like humidity and temperature. Early detection of events and out-of-parameter conditions can ensure 100% uptime and save thousands of dollars in equipment, time and productivity. To help IT personnel recognize key environmental threats, Sensaphone® is offering a free eBook ? 6 Environmental Threats to Data Centers and Computer Rooms.

The eBook offers advice on how to take proactive measures to lessen the severity of damage caused by unforeseen events that impact computer room environments. Implementing an early alert system to notify personnel when these issues occur enables them to take fast corrective action.

“Monitoring of environmental conditions is often overlooked, as IT people concentrate on systems to ensure data integrity,” said Laura Blanchard, president of Sensaphone, “This eBook explains other physical threats and offers best practices to protect data center equipment.”

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