SolarWinds has announced its fourth edition of thwackCamp is scheduled for July 15-16. Hosted on thwack®, SolarWinds online community of over 130,000 members, thwackCamp will again provide educational and interactive content to help IT pros answer the age-old question, “What will you solve next?” This edition of thwackCamp will include a keynote addressing SolarWinds’ vision, key technology focus and investment areas. It has also been expanded to include two breakout tracks with 10 unique sessions, focusing on day-to-day challenges, industry topics and the changing world of IT.

“Every year we try to make thwackCamp a little better, so we are excited to offer a more extensive program this year where IT pros can choose from different sessions that provide both in-depth SolarWinds® product demonstrations and great conversation about the latest trends in IT,” said Patrick Hubbard, Head Geek, SolarWinds. “IT pros from around the world can simply log on, tune in and join live chat to expand their IT knowledge, interact with the SolarWinds team and share their passion with likeminded IT pros.”

thwackCamp Schedule

SolarWinds executives, Head Geeks, product managers and a collection of industry experts will lead various sessions and be available for live chat.

  • Keynote – “What will you solve next?”(July 15 at 10 a.m. CDT/3 p.m. GMT): Featuring SolarWinds’ CTO and CIO, Joel Dolisy; group vice president of product strategy, Nikki Jennings; and Head Geek, Patrick Hubbard; the keynote will discuss the company’s vision for helping IT pros address Hybrid IT and include a whiteboard explanation of key areas of technology focus and investment
  • Industry Experts Panel – “DevOps: A magical unicorn that is transforming service delivery”(July 16 at 10 a.m. CDT/3 p.m. GMT): Hosted by Caroline McCrory, vice president business development, Cloudsoft; Dave McCrory, CTO, Basho Technologies; Michael Coté, director of technical marketing, Pivotal Software; and Matthew Ray, director of partner integration, Chef; who will discuss DevOps and best practices that will transform operational responsiveness while decreasing IT headaches
  • SolarWinds How-To Track includes five sessions focused on finding the needle in the AppStack, digging for security gold, SolarWinds Orion®technology backbone scalability and more
  • IT Industry Topics Track includes conversations around crossing the great divide between IT, networking, security ops, cloud deployment, and more

thwack, An Online Community For All IT pros

thwack provides an unrivalled destination for all IT pros’ needs with community-driven content and direct interaction with the SolarWinds’ product development team. To benefit its online members, thwack most recently enhanced its design and user experience, expanded the thwack MVP role and improved the SolarWinds Lab schedule.

Initiated by user feedback and driven by over 200 IT pros surveyed, thwack has been redesigned to help members easily navigate and find content quickly. Enhanced design enables easier access to 10 years’ of community-driven content, intuitive navigation to product-specific information, and access to SolarWinds product roadmaps in a single click

The thwack MVP program represents a highly coveted status for members of the community who go above and beyond to share their knowledge with community members and participate directly with SolarWinds product managers on product development. MVPs now have even more opportunity to share their insights through:

  • Answering questions submitted by thwack members about real-world IT challenges
  • Blogging about their experience, challenges faced every day and new ventures in IT
  • Participating extensively with SolarWinds product managers on product development to ensure that updates benefit IT pros on the ground
  • SolarWinds Lab, a monthly show hosted by the Head Geeks, includes deep dive SolarWinds product demonstrations, advice on how to take advantage of all the capabilities of the products, and live chat with the Head Geeks for on-demand answers to any IT question

“thwack gives all members, regardless of experience, a chance to engage with Head Geeks, product managers and other users to ask challenging and complex questions and get real-world answers. The community exposes members to implementations of varying size and complexity and introduces them to innovative solutions for problems, both known and unknown,” said Joshua Biggley, engineer, enterprise applications, Cardinal Health. “thwack provides me, a data geek at heart, with a platform to share ideas and solicit feedback from fellow IT pros, answer questions about what my SolarWinds’ deployments can do to benefit my company and learn from the experience of other members. It is the engagement from both community members and the SolarWinds team that keeps me coming back.”