Siemens has launched SIERS, the company’s new Integrated Electric-Racking System that provides additional protection against arc-flash exposures by allowing operators to control the circuit breaker remotely. With remote operation, personnel can better protect themselves from these dangerous electrical events that can occur in the medium-voltage system equipment environment. SIERS can also be integrated with current electric control processes by allowing the circuit breaker to be racked via a SCADA system command, further enhancing operator safety and increasing process efficiency.

“In the electrical industry, technology must be able to meet the high safety and automation needs of our customers,” said John Karczmarczyk, vice president of medium voltage and systems. “This new integrated system will bring greater reliability, safety and intelligence to users of medium-voltage switchgear in the construction, industrial, and utility markets.” The new SIERS system remotely controls racking for the drawout circuit breaker for Siemens types GM-SG non-arc-resistant 5 kV-15 kV, GM-SG-AR arc-resistant 5 kV-15 kV, and GM38 non-arc-resistant 38 kV switchgear. The system maintains all safety interlocks required by IEEE, overrides any electronic control system, and has a user-friendly control display. SIERS can be operated by multiple devices, such as a control pendant, protective relay, local HMI or SCADA system.