Server Farm Realty, LLC (SFR) and 21Vianet Group, Inc. (“21Vianet”) have announced a strategic partnership to offer data center infrastructure and services, network connectivity, and cloud and information and communications technology (ICT) solutions to support multinational companies’ IT infrastructure deployment and business development in China as well as the U.S.

Under this partnership and with support from Server Farm Realty, 21Vianet also launches its first U.S. data center, US-SV1, in Santa Clara, CA. The companies’ successful collaboration on this newly built data center facility in Silicon Valley provides advanced data center architecture and enterprise-class solutions in support of Chinese customers.

On this platform, 21Vianet and SFR have successfully delivered a first customer project in Santa Clara for a leading cloud computing solution provider from China. This project, which held an official service launch event on June 12, 2015, plays a key role for the customer’s launching of its first full cloud services suite in the United States with the support by 21Vianet and SFR.

“Server Farm Realty’s partnership with 21Vianet meets the needs of multinationals looking to expand their reach throughout the U.S. and China by providing access to proven data center infrastructure, network connectivity, and cloud and ICT solutions, as well as a multilingual team with deep market knowledge and regional expertise,” remarks Avner Papouchado, president of Server Farm Realty.

Combining the companies’ continued success and cultural proficiency within the Chinese and U.S. markets with a shared expertise in data center and service reliability, security and compliance, the partnership provides a unique value to multinational customers seeking to expand their presence in both countries. 21Vianet’s diversified base of enterprise customers benefit from access to Server Farm Realty’s highly reliable, state-of-the-art data center facilities in Santa Clara, CA; Chicago, IL; Moses Lake, E. Washington; Charlotte, NC; and Toronto, ON. Server Farm Realty’s customers also gain access to 21Vianet’s network connectivity as well as nationwide network of over 80 data centers located in more than 30 cities across China.

“In addition to world-class infrastructure and solutions, our aligned strategies deliver significant benefits to customers in need of bilingual (English and Chinese) support and operational management,” adds Josh Chen, CEO of 21Vianet. “These features will be available in all Server Farm Realty and 21Vianet’s data centers, including our newly deployed US-SV1 facility in Santa Clara, which was launched leveraging Server Farm Realty’s expertise in innovative and concurrently maintainable data center design and deployment.”