Hurricane Electric has announced that it has added a new Point of Presence (PoP) at NaMeX, located at Via dei Tizi, 6/b, 00185, Rome.

Founded in 2001, the Nautilus Mediterranean Exchange Point Consortium (NaMeX) is a neutral, not for profit Internet exchange point accessible to both domestic and foreign ISP’s and network operators. The consortium’s infrastructure is hosted within the 500 m2 Cineca data center, which is equipped with the necessary high standard service continuity and systems availability needed to meet IXP requirements. As part of its peering services, NaMeX administers a high-end, redundant, distributed switching platform that enables members to connect their border routers and establish peering relationships through BGPv4 protocol. Additionally, the different layers of mutual interconnection services offered by the nonprofit have made it an attractive choice for network carriers worldwide.

Hurricane Electric is helping to meet the increasing demand for connectivity in the Mediterranean market by offering customers of NaMeX increased network capacity through 100GE (100 gigabit Ethernet), 10GE (10 gigabit Ethernet) and GigE (1 gigabit Ethernet). These customers also now have the chance to exchange IP traffic, or “peer,” with Hurricane Electric’s global network.

As a leader in IPv6 networking, Hurricane Electric can provide seamless data transmission to Mediterranean companies that are currently employing IPv4 for their business needs. This is because Hurricane Electric's network is dual stack and can deliver wirespeed 10GE IPv6 transit on the same port as existing IPv4 transit. Additionally, the network utilizes a resilient fiber-optic topology that enables customers to experience improved fault tolerance and lower latency.

“With nearly 100 PoPs worldwide, Hurricane Electric is well-positioned to provide high quality transit at an affordable cost for organizations located in NaMeX,” said Mike Leber, president of Hurricane Electric. “Our second Point of Presence in Italy, this new hub is the next step in Hurricane Electric’s strategy to remain ahead of the incredible growth in IPv6 traffic both in the Mediterranean market and globally.”