DatacenterDynamics’ 17th annual event, DCD Internet, will be held July 30-31 at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco. The conference will explore key data center and cloud infrastructure technologies that make possible the “new economy” drivers of global growth.

DCD Internet features some of the Internet and data center’s leading brands including Google, Yahoo, Twitter, GoDaddy, Baidu, Salesforce, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Wells Fargo, HP, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Fidelity Investments, Salesforce, Intel, AT&T Foundry, Microsoft, Cisco and Brocade. Executives and senior technologists are poised to share insights with over 2,000 business executives and technical professionals whom together influence the global Internet economy.

“The DCD Internet Conference and Expo uniquely covers the full data center and cloud infrastructure ecosystem,” says Bruce Taylor, conference chair and executive vice president, North America for DatacenterDynamics. “It is inclusive of the IT stack of networking, storage and computing, as well as the critical-environment technologies of power and cooling. Importantly, the conference will help map the progress and the future course of, the true software-defined, data-driven datacenter.”  

This year’s DCD Internet will also introduce ‘Stacking IT,’ a new global series on open-sourcing data center and cloud technology. This new series from DatacenterDynamics will visit San Francisco, Singapore, Chicago and London in 2015. StackingIT employs DCD’s global conference platform — the largest in the world dedicated solely to the business of data center infrastructure — to support the open-source research and development initiatives of Open Compute, OpenStack, OpenPower, Open Network, OpenDaylight and Linux Foundations.  As reported in Superuser, an online news source created by the OpenStack foundation, a recent survey cited “operational efficiency, speed and cost… (as the) leading drivers for OpenStack adoption.”

“Our purpose is to bring together all of the primary open-source collaboration communities under one big tent,” says Cole Crawford, chair of the newly launched StackingIT conference series and founding Executive Director of the Open Compute Project. “We believe that by working collaboratively through this conference series, we can help propel the adoption rate of open-source by reaching a large global IT and data center audience, a good potion of which is new to open-source and that may not yet understand the full extent of the business benefits amplified by open-source technology.”