Allied Fiber has announced the company’s Southeast Route connecting Miami and Atlanta is complete and officially Ready for Service (RFS).

Allied Fiber’s Southeast Route covers 708 route miles with local access fiber splice points every 3,000-5,000 feet providing significant economic and job growth opportunities to the local communities along the route. Network service and content providers leasing colocation space and dark fiber in the Allied Fiber system can now provide their business and consumer customers with a dramatic improvement in performance, speed and reliability.

Allied Fiber’s Southeast Route is the first fiber optic network-neutral system of its kind to allow and enable open interconnections between all network operator types within a single, physical layer long haul route.

The network consists of:

  • 11 Allied Fiber built and owned, network-neutral colocation facilities
  • 708 route miles (362 in Georgia and 346 in Florida)
  • 270,672 fiber miles (189,024 in Florida and 81,648 in Georgia)

Fiber Counts:

  • 528 count fiber cable from Miami, FL (NOTA) to Jacksonville, FL (JAX NAP and Cologix at 421 West Church St)
  • 216 count fiber cable from Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta, GA (Colo Atl at 55 Marietta St and Telx at 56 Marietta St)

Splice locations along the route:

Allied Fiber has designed and constructed 99 splice locations in Florida and 127 in Georgia, which will increase over time due to additional lateral requirements.

"Launching our Southeast route brings significant economic benefits and opportunities to multiple organizations that range from global submarine cable system operators and content distribution networks to local communities from Miami to Atlanta," said Hunter Newby, founder, chairman and CEO of Allied Fiber. “We look forward to helping everyone understand the profound impact Allied Fiber is destined to have on local economies in Florida and Georgia and ultimately the United States overall as we deliver our network-neutral, physical layer product to the market.”