SolarWinds has announced enhancements to SolarWinds® Virtualization Manager, which provides troubleshooting and monitoring for Microsoft® Hyper-V® and VMware vSphere® to manage and optimize virtual environments. SolarWinds Virtualization Manager now includes management actions within the product dashboard for immediate remediation when performance, capacity, or sprawl issues are identified. Additionally, IT pros can configure alerts to automatically trigger a management action to enhance optimal performance of virtual machines supporting mission critical applications around the clock.

“In today’s application-centric business world, the virtualized layer of the IT infrastructure helps to facilitate the availability and scalability that businesses need,” said Nikki Jennings, group vice president, products and markets, SolarWinds. “SolarWinds Virtualization Manager now plays an even more crucial role in helping businesses function at the speed of IT by enabling IT pros to take action from within their performance, capacity and sprawl dashboards to remediate problems in a few clicks, reduce hardware costs and enhance the performance of their virtual resources to support the IT infrastructure at all times.”

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager now combines performance, configuration and hypervisor-specific alerts with related management actions in a single dashboard, enabling IT pros to remediate issues in as few as two clicks instead of utilizing multiple products to take action. Traditionally, any issues that triggered an alert would have to be manually fixed, but now IT pros can automate remediation with customized alert triggers to ensure the health of their virtual environment even when they are not in the office.

What’s New in SolarWinds Virtualization Manager

·         Migration Management Actions - SolarWinds Virtualization Manager provides management actions to remediate host and storage contention, including:

o   vMotion® and Live Migration – migrating a virtual machine to a different host

o   Storage vMotion and Storage Live Migration – migrating virtual machine disks to different datastores or cluster shared volumes

o   Stop, start and pause a virtual machine

o   Create and delete snapshots

·         Sprawl Management Actions - Additional management actions are available in SolarWinds Virtualization Manager’s sprawl view, allowing IT pros to act on information provided to reclaim and right-size resources quickly and effectively, including:

o   Adding or removing CPU from a virtual machine

o   Adding or removing RAM from a virtual machine

o   Removing or deleting virtual machines to reclaim resources

o   Deleting orphaned virtual machine disks to reclaim datastore storage

SolarWinds Provides Integrated Monitoring Across the IT Infrastructure

Applications and the supporting IT infrastructure are at the center of every business and SolarWinds provides top-to-bottom visibility intothe application delivery chain. Integration with SolarWinds Orion®technology backbone allows data collected by SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor,SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor, and SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor to be incorporated into the SolarWinds AppStack dashboard providing IT pros the end-to-end visibility they need to better troubleshoot application issues.


SolarWinds Virtualization Manager also works with SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer in Orion to troubleshoot virtualized database performance problems including query and infrastructure performance.