Emerson Network Power has introduced new Liebert® iCOM™ thermal controls to offer data center managers higher energy efficiency, greater protection and deeper, actionable insight at the cooling unit and thermal management system levels.

Available in North America, the next generation of Liebert iCOM unit and supervisory system controls comprise an easy-to-use infrastructure optimization system for monitoring and managing the data center environment and controlling the operation of data center thermal management systems.

“The Liebert iCOM controls let managers protect, harmonize and optimize thermal systems more intuitively than ever before,” said John Peter Valiulis, vice president, North America marketing, thermal management, Emerson Network Power. “Its most powerful capabilities are in protecting the data center at the cooling unit level and in auto-tuning the multiple thermal system components across the entire data center, operating them in tandem in the most efficient and reliable manner. This ‘teamwork mode’ can result in cooling energy savings of up to 50%.”

At the cooling unit level, the Liebert iCOM unit control comes factory installed on certain Emerson Network Power data center thermal management systems and also is available as a retrofit for existing systems. Its highly intuitive, full-color, touch screen simplifies operation, saves time and reduces human error. It is designed to eliminate single points of failure to protect the cooling unit in the event that adverse conditions arise at the system level. Self-optimizing features address events before they become problems. For instance, if refrigerant pressures were to approach unsafe thresholds, the Liebert iCOM unit control would lower fan speed and compressor capacity to avoid a unit shutdown.

At the supervisory level, the new Liebert iCOM-S control offers a revolutionary way to harmonize and optimize thermal system performance across the data center, gain quick access to actionable data, and automate system diagnostics and trending. It uses machine-to-machine communication and advanced algorithms that utilize data from rack inlet sensors, pressure sensors and supply air temperatures to optimize airflow and temperature for the highest protection and efficiency.

The pre-programmed teamwork modes of the Liebert iCOM-S optimize and harmonize the entire thermal management system. This type of communication prevents units from working at cross-purposes and allows the system as a whole to adapt to changes in facility-level demand as efficiently as possible to improve efficiency and availability, and reduce system wear and tear. For instance, four data center cooling units with variable capacity fans in teamwork mode can operate 56 percent more efficiently than four fixed speed units operating autonomously. Teamwork mode can be used in small and large data centers, creating a self-healing infrastructure that detects adverse events and resolves issues before problems arise.

The Liebert iCOM-S can also result in up to 20% to 30% lower installation costs by streamlining setup and reducing or eliminating the need for custom integration to building management systems. It can automatically detect and configure up to 4,800 wireless rack sensors as they are added, removed or changed, providing a single point for binding room sensors to cooling unit control groups. It lets managers easily import floor plans for quick setup and customization and is preconfigured for simple building management system (BMS) integration. The large format, touch-screen graphical interface significantly reduces the time it takes to configure the cooling system, change set points, identify adverse events and monitor system thresholds.

The Liebert iCOM control may be supported by optional on-site control optimization service and 24-hour tech support with a guaranteed 4-hour service response time for contract customers.