Rosendin Electric has received the 2015 Safety Excellence Award, one of the highest honors for workplace safety, from the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

Every year, NECA recognizes member companies for their outstanding safety performance during the previous calendar year and rewards those companies that achieve the highest safety score. The cumulative score is based on points for the lowest injury and illness rates and the insurance industry’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR).

“On behalf of NECA, I would like to commend Rosendin Electric, Inc., for achieving the 2015 Safety Excellence award. Your commitment to safety raises your company’s standards…we congratulate you on this achievement. This award reflects your dedication to following the industry’s highest safety standards,” noted John M. Grau, chief executive officer of NECA.

As part of its expanding safety program, Rosendin Electric recently implemented the use of smart devices to perform real-time safety audits. The mobile app is used to identify potential problem areas before there is an incident. Results are sent to the Safety Team for review, to be monitored and addressed, as necessary, during site visits. The same data is shared with field supervision and project management for safety monitoring and administration. The company has also added a toll-free number that employees can call to share their safety concerns. Calls can be anonymous or callers can leave a name and number for callback.

As part of their commitment to continuously improve, Rosendin Electric has also begun training its operations management team to receive Safety Trained Supervisor for Construction (STS-C) certification through the America Society of Safety Engineers. The company’s goal is to have all Project Managers and Division Managers STS-C certified.

 “Safety is a part of Rosendin Electric’s DNA and we are delighted to receive this acknowledgement from NECA for our commitment,” said Marty Rouse, CSP, CHST, STS-C, vice president of safety at Rosendin Electric. “We want to thank NECA for their dedication to promoting workplace safety and for recognizing our safety culture with this prestigious industry award. By working with NECA to build safety best practices, Rosendin Electric is continuously improving our safety culture with new protocols and procedures.”