CloudSense is helping CoreSite to sell more effectively and fulfil aggressive growth plans. After a competitive selection process, CoreSite chose the CloudSense Telecoms Platform to help its sales team innovate and accelerate the sales process, while offering customers a seamless, multichannel service.

Reflecting its passion to provide excellence in experience for both customers and employees, CoreSite challenged itself to look forward and find opportunities to advance its system capabilities to deliver best-in-class customer experience even as the company continues to grow rapidly. The company determined that its strong growth could eventually challenge certain legacy systems supporting the sales process and the introduction of new products.  The company identified a goal to enhance customer service by further reducing cycle time around administrative processes through eliminating areas of manual intervention. Toward that goal, CoreSite conducted a rigorous evaluation of industry-leading software solutions to streamline, automate and accelerate its sales-support processes and further drive company performance and through this vendor selection process found CloudSense.

In choosing to implement the CloudSense Telecoms Platform, native to Salesforce, CoreSite elected to drive transformational change in its Quote-to-Cash process as a key component of its customer experience. CoreSite took this step to elevate customer service to an even higher level through three key areas: i) fast and effective configure, price, quote (CPQ) and contract management, ii) simple and reliable order-change processes, and iii) the ability to quickly implement new product and service offerings. In selecting the CloudSense Telecoms Platform, CoreSite focused upon reducing cycle time around all three areas, enabling more efficient records management, and laying a foundation to support greater transparency and empowerment in the hands of its customers.

“The CloudSense Telecoms Platform is streamlining the way we sell.  This project will simplify our processes, enabling us to configure, price and quote for new and existing services quickly, while offering a smooth and straightforward customer journey. This implementation is critical to support our ambitious growth plans. We looked at several other Salesforce native providers when scoping the project, and CloudSense stood out with its CPQ capability,” says Jeff Dorr, CoreSite vice president of finance and corporate operations.

“CoreSite shows that companies across almost every industry can accelerate performance by becoming faster and more flexible in bringing new products to market and selling them efficiently to maximize market opportunities. The CloudSense Telecoms Platform will deliver better ways of selling the right products and services, faster, more easily and more accurately,” concludes Rowley Douglas, CloudSense executive vice president.