Forester University will hold a webinar on Combined Heat & Power (CHP) June 11, 2015 at 2 p.m. ET. Ann Hampson, MBA, senior manager, ICF International, will present on “Enabling Resilient Infrastructure for Critical Facilities.”

Keeping the power on and the data safe can be a challenge at any facility. Between the growing cost of producing energy and the mounting environmental regulations, many facilities are starting to look at installing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems to improve their energy resiliency, reduce their energy spend, and protect their critical facilities. Are you ready for CHP at your facility?

In this webinar we'll begin by exploring combined heat and power (CHP or cogeneration), how it works, its applications, and its benefits. Within this discussion, we'll take a special look at CHP as a reliable solution for today's energy resiliency and grid congestion problems, and what industries are good candidates for CHP installations. We'll also discuss combined heat and power's economic and environmental benefits, including: energy efficiency, reliability, and cost-savings, as well as reduced CO2 emissions and grid congestion. Following this discussion, Hampson will outline how to assess your facility as a candidate for CHP, the available opportunities, and the best practices for successful development and implementation of CHP at your facility. Finally, we'll discuss the emerging economic and policy drivers for the exploding growth of CHP — including the recent U.S. executive order to accelerate CHP investments — and what these mean for you.

By the end of this presentation, you will have a good understanding of what combined heat and power is, how it can be a solution to your energy reliability challenges, and how you can go about implementing CHP at your facility.

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