Keystone NAP has announced an industry-first stack deployment of its custom-designed KeyBlock data center modular units. Co-created with Schneider Electric, the KeyBlocks are the first prefabricated data center modules to be stacked three high in the Americas. The configuration ensures maximum resource efficiency and the highest value for Keystone NAP customers.

The first KeyBlock arrived at Keystone NAP in early January. Since that time, the company has received and installed five additional units, grouping the six modules into stacks of two wide /three high for optimal real estate use. Each module acts as a private, secure customer vault and offers a customizable data center environment within the broader multi-tenant facility. Individual customers can configure any KeyBlock according to their specific requirements for power, cooling, and communications network connectivity. Each KeyBlock includes two entry points. One entrance dedicated for customer access and the other for Keystone NAP and maintenance vendor access.

“Our strategy for stacking KeyBlocks is just one of the ways Keystone NAP is taking an innovative approach to data center design,” said Peter Ritz, founder and CEO of Keystone NAP. “With unmatched power density and availability on our site, and diverse, carrier-neutral fiber connectivity, we are offering customers unprecedented flexibility to create the exact data center environment they need. By delivering those assets in modular form, we’re also guaranteeing cost efficiency and room for growth over time.”

Measuring roughly 45 ft by 21 ft, a single KeyBlock offers atomic, consistent, isolated and durable (ACID) power services ranging from 100 watts to 400 watts per square foot. Multiple cooling units in each KeyBlock are complemented by a sophisticated hot aisle containment system. Custom service level agreements are available for power, cooling and redundancy.

Additional KeyBlock units will continue to arrive at the Keystone NAP site on the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the coming months. The location of the facility is significant because it makes Keystone NAP the only advanced data center serving the mid-Atlantic region. With web-scale infrastructure and advanced data center services – including network management, data center migration, and application optimization services – Keystone NAP promises a powerful presence for businesses in the Northeast.

Keystone NAP will officially open its doors in the summer of 2015.