May 21, 2015 

Improving Legacy Data Center Efficiency: Are we moving fast enough?

Stulz Blog

Posted by Aaron Sabino

I was recently re-reading an eBay case study published by EnergyStar in 2012 and it made me consider the progress that has been made in improving legacy data center energy efficiency in the intervening 3 years.


May 20, 2015

OpenStack Delivers Large Advancements at Summit

The Data Stack by Intel

Posted by Allyson Klein

The international melting pot of Vancouver, BC provides a perfect background for the OpenStack Summit, a semi-annual get together of the developer community driving the future of open source in the data center. After all, it takes a melting pot of community engagement to build “the open source operating system for the cloud”.


May 14, 2015

How do we stop DCIM becoming isolated from other enterprise management systems?

Schneider Electric blog

Author: Damien Wells

At a recent visit to Schneider Electric’s European Technology Center, I spoke with Soeren Jensen, Vice President of Enterprise Software to ask him if there is any danger of DCIM becoming isolated from other Enterprise Management Systems and if so, how can this be avoided.

May, 11 2015

Microsoft Invests in Subsea Cables to Connect Datacenters Globally

Microsoft Datacenters Blog

Author: David Crowley

I’m at International Telecoms Week (ITW) today, talking about how the telecoms industry is in the midst of a change to accommodate the growing trend of data consumption. As we look at how people and businesses will interact with technology in the future, there are investments we need to make now to support our customers and help their businesses grow.

From Our Website

May 25, 2015


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