Eaton® will showcase its prefabricated power solutions for data centers. Backed by the award-winning Power Xpert™ 9395 uninterruptible power systems (UPS) in synchronization with switchgear, other electrical components, and management capabilities like human machine interfaces, Eaton’s prefabricated options are designed to address installation needs quickly with pre-tested and pre-wired solutions that help ensure system-level reliability. Eaton’s prefabricated solutions are offered in three design platforms: connected, centralized, and contained and are designed to integrate and streamline electrical components including UPSs, batteries, switchgear, HVAC, fire and safety equipment, and lighting into a single unit based on each customer’s unique needs.

Eaton will also showcase its best-in-class ePDU® third-generation (G3) platform, featuring 1% revenue-grade power monitoring for enhanced accuracy and efficiency through its ePDU G3 managed models. Providing the ability to measure energy consumption and control power at the outlet level, the platform combines all the benefits of outlet metering with switched rack power distribution units for advanced power management. All models feature a new International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) outlet grip designed to eliminate the common and often costly problem of plugs falling out of outlets due to bumps or vibrations. The solution can protect data center managers from incurring additional expenses related to cable trays or special power cords, which can increase purchase costs by several hundred dollars per unit.



Liebert’s iCOM-S thermal system control is a single point for centralizing data from wireless sensors and cooling units within the data center. It offers a new way to harmonize and protect the thermal system across the data center, gain quick insight into actionable data, and automate system diagnostics and trending. The Liebert iCOM-S system reduces thermal power usage by up to 50% by fine-tuning airflow and temperature as rack loads and environmental conditions change. It prevents over-cooling and under-cooling and uses advanced algorithms and machine-to-machine communications to coordinate and control the operation of multiple cooling units in teamwork. It also reduces installation costs by up to 20% by streamlining setup.



Future Facilities will feature its ACE (Availability, Capacity and Efficiency) assessment tool, which is designed to allow operators to visually plot their “performance gap” — the difference between maximum design potential and real-world operational potential. ACE performance assessment and implementation services will provide endusers with at-a-glance answers to even the most complex what ifs. Future Facilities will build a virtual facility (a computer model) of the customer's data center using industry leading 6SigmaDC software, then will calibrate the facility to the model. Next, predictive modeling is used to run the kind of “what if” failure scenarios that can’t be run in real life — failing air cooling units, for example.



Nortec will be at the Mission Critical Data Center & Computing Conference to showcase its ME Series Humidification and Evaporative Cooling System. Nortec humidifiers and evaporative coolers are used in data centers around the world to provide humidity control, prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD), or offer high capacity, low cost evaporative cooling.

A single Nortec adiabatic humidifier can deliver up to 2.1MBtuh (630kW) of evaporative cooling while operating on less than 0.4 HP (0.3kW) of electricity. This technology increases the cooling capacity of a data center’s ventilation system and extends the use of free air cooling into periods when the outside air alone is too warm to meet the required internal conditions. Nortec humidifiers are used to deliver low energy evaporative cooling directly to incoming fresh air as well as being incorporated into in-direct evaporative cooling systems. This will reduce the temperature of incoming air without raising its humidity by humidifying exhaust air and transferring its resultant cool thermal energy into the incoming air via a heat recovery system.



Upsite Technologies, Inc., will feature its AisleLok Modular Containment solution, which has successfully improved the airflow conditions at a number of early adopter data centers. Since no custom construction is required, the sites have experienced no disruption, while saving valuable time.  Additionally, when compared to traditional containment offerings, AisleLok’s low cost and highly flexible offering enables data center managers to easily scale for full implementation across the entire computer room. AisleLok Modular Containment is a highly flexible re-deployable containment solution that can be applied to either hot or cold aisles, can be self-installed in minutes, can quickly and easily be reconfigured to new aisles without third-party labor for installation, and provides easy access to all equipment and infrastructure as needed.

Upsite will also feature its Environmental Monitoring System 200™, a wired sensor network manager that allows for four sensor inputs, allowing the deployment of temperature sensors, temperature/humidity sensors, or any combination of the two (not included). In addition, the EMS 200™ also has eight digital inputs that can monitor open/ closed doors, motion sensors, fire alarms, gas detectors, airflow sensors, leak detectors, and summary alarms from critical equipment including UPSs and generators. In addition, the EMS 200™ has the ability to detect water leaks up to 200 ft using the company’s patented leak detection cable (not included) and has a relay output that allows you to control an external device in the event of an alarm condition.



SPEC-CLEAN will highlight its data center cleaning service offering, which brings over 25 years of industry experience to every job site. The company’s trained technicians provide the highest level of care, and all work is backed with its 100% satisfaction guarantee. Services include sub-floor decontamination, floor panel surface reconditioning (TATE certified), exterior and interior equipment cleaning, continuous maintenance programs, ceiling plenum cleaning, sub-floor encapsulation with non-toxic surface sealant specifically designed to prevent dusting, final cleaning for new construction projects, site assessments, airborne particulate readings, environmental testing, site audits provided by an independent company if necessary, and assistance in flood, spill, and fire damage cleanup. With a 24-hour emergency response hotline, response time is typically two to three hours depending on the customer’s location.



Instor’s data center consulting and design services help customers optimize their resources to create the most reliable, scalable infrastructure possible by addressing power, cooling, and airflow; thermal containment; and overall environmental conditions to conserve power, save money, and extend equipment life. Data center monitoring helps customers maintain an ideal environment for their equipment, get real-time views of current operations, and identify opportunities for improvement. The company is backed by nearly 30 years of experience with data center racks and enclosures, from designing and manufacturing its own products in the 1980s to representing the industry's best brands today, including custom enclosures, high-density cooling, ISO-base isolation platforms, cable management, and many more.



Panduit Corp. will feature its next-generation Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution as well as its HD Flex cable management system. The company’s DCIM solutions are designed to provide visibility of power consumption and environmental conditions to support detailed PUE and regulatory reporting and reduce OPEX; simplify asset tracking and connectivity monitoring to accurately manage device inventory, changes, and accelerate operational efficiencies; provide analytics of actual capacity utilization to maximize use of existing IT resources, reduce CAPEX, and better plan for future needs; and allow users to continuously monitor their infrastructure and alert faults or issues that may impact business continuity, security, or adherence to SLAs.

The HD Flex system is designed to make fiber connectivity easier to manage and minimize service disruptions and is engineered to provide the highest levels of density and serviceability for high-performance data centers. The system is purposely designed to enable organizations to easily scale up density and execute moves, adds, and changes quickly and safely, without disrupting adjacent circuits. The system marries a high-density enclosure to optimize data center space, with innovative cable management, allowing for easy access to connections from front or rear of cabinet, and allowing easy access to connections on rear of enclosure, with cables routed to the side instead of the back.



Visit the Schneider Electric booth at the Mission Critical Data Center & Computing Conference and Expo to learn more about the latest additions to the company’s prefabricated solutions portfolio. Increasing economic pressures, growing sustainability concerns, and rising energy costs are driving changes in the way data centers are deployed. Schneider Electric offers a wide range of prefabricated data center modules to address these concerns, including power skids and modules, cooling and hydronics modules, and IT modules. These building blocks combine to deliver increased capacity for an existing infrastructure and are deployed quickly with predictable performance that can be scaled, as needed. Schneider Electric continues to expand its prefabricated solutions to address an emerging market demand for fast-to-deploy, simple-to-manage, secure, standardized, and cost effective and risk-adverse solutions.