Anord Critical Power, Inc. has announced the company will attend the 7x24 Exchange Spring Conference, June 7-10, Orlando, FL. Within Booth #60, the company will underscore the safety and optimization advantages its Form 4b Type 7 AMS switchgear brings to mission-critical facilities.

Since its introduction to the U.S., Anord’s Form 4b Type 7 design has been embraced by data centers, healthcare and other mission-critical facilities, for its enhanced safety and small deployment footprint. The company and its switchgear design have been recently highlighted by CRN 2015 Data Center 100 and infoTECH Spotlight Data Center Excellence Award for most innovative design.

“Optimizing mission-critical facility operations is always a primary goal for managers. But often times, the best product choices are obscured by industry hype,” said John Day, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Anord Critical Power, Inc. “The 7x24 Exchange Spring Conference helps cut through the hype and presents attendees with today’s best solutions for solving mission-critical facilities issues. We look forward to meeting and discussing best data center practices with attendees.”