FORTRUST has been chosen by IT solutions company Komodo Cloud to facilitate a diversified cloud configuration for its customers. Komodo Cloud specializes in Cx Advisory and consulting services, technical consulting and solution architecture services, lifecycle management services, cloud services, and IT delivery.

Komodo Cloud often works with customers that have stringent and demanding requirements. As a result, Komodo needed a data center equipped with extensive security, a skilled on-premise technical staff, and the ability to provide cross connections to their private cloud facility.

“We are dedicated to delivering the highest caliber of colocation services, maximum physical security, and the most thoroughly trained operations team around,” says Rob McClary, senior vice president and general manager of FORTRUST. “Our team is excited to work with Komodo Cloud, and honored they chose us as their trusted data center services partner.”

“FORTRUST has provided us with very professional, proficient, high-quality data center services,” states Nigel Lambert, chief technology officer of Komodo Cloud. “We are excited about our new business relationship with FORTRUST moving forward.”