451 Research has announced significant revenue growth for the Total Data Market. Consisting of data platforms, data management, analytics, and data mining the Total Data Market is expected to nearly double in size, from $60bn in 2014 to $115bn in 2019. The specific market segments included in 451 Research’s analysis are Operational Databases, Analytic Databases, Reporting and Analytics, Data Management, Performance Management, Event/Stream Processing, Distributed Data Grid/Cache, Hadoop and Search-Based Data Platforms and Analytics. The company predicts the focus on ‘big data,’ which has driven a wave of adoption to address unstructured data in addition to existing structured data processing and analytics technologies, will lead to a market CAGR of 14% from 2014 to 2019. 

The forecast is based on 451 Research’s new Total Data Market Monitor service, which presents data, generated via a bottom-up analysis, of 202 vendors that participate across the nine Total Data segments the company tracks. Specifically, 451 Research tracks 56 Operational Database participants, 26 in the Analytic Database market, 72 within the Reporting and Analytics segment, 41 Data Management vendors, 11 Performance Management vendors, 11 Event/Stream Processing vendors, 9 Distributed Data Grid/Cache vendors, 25 Hadoop vendors and 15 Search vendors.

“The market continues to evolve and new approaches have emerged that more efficiently store and process data, while also providing access to those that need it to analyze it and gain business insight,” says Matt Aslett, research director for 451 Research’s Data Platforms & Analytics Channel. “Our research illustrates the dichotomy inherent in the data platform and analytics market: while it is smaller startups in emerging sectors that are growing the fastest, the incumbent providers in established markets are likely to contribute the greatest value over the next five years.”

The 56 Operational Database vendors generate the bulk of total market revenue, followed by Reporting and Analytics and Analytic Databases. Rounding out the $1bn+ market segment group is Data Management with the remaining segments all below the $1bn mark. In addition to the top-line market and subsector revenue, 451 Research segments market revenue into geographic regions, by Total Data-as-a-Service and segment Operational Databases into NoSQL, NewSQ and Traditional Relational and Non-relational Databases.

To learn more about 451 Research’s Market Monitor and Forecast, please visit: https://451research.com/market-monitor-forecast-overview