The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) has welcomed three new members to its Board of Directors – Samson David of Infosys, Edward Goldman of Intel, and Wanjing Li, of China Unicom Group. The Alliance also introduced nine new member companies, bringing its general membership to an all-time high as the organization approaches its fifth anniversary.

David serves as senior vice president and global head for the cloud, infrastructure and security business at Infosys. He works closely with global 2000 clients to help define and build their cloud and infrastructure strategies and run end-to-end IT operations. On the ODCA Board of Directors, he participates in the operations subcommittee, focusing on the financial and membership operations of the organization.

Goldman is chief technical officer for the enterprise datacenter group at Intel, where he is responsible for establishing the enterprise IT segment's technical vision and overseeing all technical aspects of enterprise data center solutions. He serves on the ODCA Board leadership subcommittee, which is responsible for leadership direction, activities and decision-making related to liaisons with other organizations, the organization's Technical Coordination Committee and its workgroups.

As deputy general manager of the IT and e-commerce business department at the China Unicom Group, Ms. Li is responsible for defining and managing enterprise IT architectures and strategies, IT service portfolio and purchasing. Additionally, she is responsible for direct management of the solutions for e-commerce, management supporting systems, and customer service at China Unicom.

"In fewer than five years, the ODCA has grown from a few members to over 400, thanks in no small part to the dedication of our leadership," said Reyk Bederke, ODCA chairman and president. "We welcome the expertise and guidance of our newest board members as we continue to move the organization forward."

The Alliance also welcomed the following new adopter members: Aikon Labs, Datacenter Dynamics, Fast PBX, Global IP Solutions, Go4Cloud Ltd., Green Datacenter AG, Smat Management Advisory Services Pty Ltd, SunTrust Bank and 2-Day Direct. Adopter members are committed to using the Alliance's Usage Models to guide their data center purchase and planning decisions.

Composed of just over 400 companies across the globe, membership in the ODCA is at an all-time high and represents enterprise IT leaders across industries. Since 2010, the Alliance has worked to document nearly 50 best practice papers, case studies and usage models that outline requirements for cloud computing adoption in the enterprise.