Rolls-Royce has provided three MTU Onsite Energy Series 1600 DS500 diesel generator sets with power outputs of 500 kWe to Cavern Technologies. The generator sets support the company’s recent 100,000-square-foot expansion, making it one of the largest data centers in the Kansas City region.

The MTU Onsite Energy brand is part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems within the Land & Sea division of Rolls-Royce.

The MTU Onsite Energy Series 1600 generator set offers best-in-class fuel economy, reliability and availability with industry-leading load factor. The systems were installed at Cavern Technologies in December 2014 and will be supported locally by Central Power Systems & Services, an authorized MTU Onsite Energy distributor in Kansas, Missouri and the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Through close collaboration with Cavern Technologies and Central Power Systems & Services, MTU Onsite Energy customized the 500 kWe backup diesel generators for the specialized needs of the data center. The three units are equipped with a tailor-made master control panel and are set to run in parallel. The system, which is designed for proper load and complex function management from an integrated single source, allows Cavern Technologies to deliver on its customer guarantee of beyond 99.995 percent uptime.

”Our business is built on reliable power. Without it, we would be unable to serve our customers,” said Pete Clune, founder and CEO of Cavern Technologies. “Cavern Technologies’ tenants demand protection from power outages potentially resulting in data loss. MTU Onsite Energy’s reputation as a leading provider of reliable backup power, coupled with the outstanding local service offered by Central Power Systems, is the best way to mitigate risk for our customers.”

Settled in a limestone cave 125 feet beneath Lenexa, KS, Cavern Technologies, a premier Kansas City data center, offers built-to-suit private data suites to some of the nation’s leading health care organizations, financial services institutions and tech companies. The co-locating enterprises are accommodated with the specific space, power and connectivity requirements that best meet their needs. Cavern Technologies, which has experienced a 50 percent year-over-year growth for the last four years operated a 60,000-square-foot facility prior to the recent expansion. Upon completion of the recent 100,000-square-foot expansion, Cavern Technologies is now one of the Kansas City region’s largest data centers with a total operating space of 160,000 square feet. As the company continues to grow, so will its need for backup power. Together with MTU Onsite Energy and Central Power Systems, Cavern designed its backup power systems with the flexibility, scalability and expandability needed to support any future expansions.

“We applaud Cavern Technologies for truly making this project a collaborative effort. At the data center’s infancy, we had a seat at the table with the facility owners, contractors, architect and engineers. As a result, we were able to provide Cavern Technologies with a fully-customized backup power solution that fits their needs today and in the future,” said Paul Chaponniere, generator sales, Central Power Systems & Services.

“MTU Onsite Energy has long been a preferred power provider to the world’s most well-known data centers, giving us a keen understanding of the industry and its needs,” said Al Prosser, director of sales, North and Latin America, MTU Onsite Energy. “Cavern Technologies demands reliability to minimize risk and safeguard the data of its customers while guaranteeing maximum uptime. The Series 1600 meets those demands with advanced monitoring and communications technologies.”