Expert Insights on Emerging Markets

Mr. Feldman spoke at The Fourth Annual Greater New York Data Center Summit April 13-14. He participated on a panel titled, “Evolution of the Data Center Lease: How Emerging Data Center Markets, an Increasingly Competitive Landscape, and the Cloud are Changing the Game in 2015.” The panel provided expert insights into efficient contract structures, various international legal ecosystems and their impacts on lease negotiation and the differences between wholesale, retail and cloud contracts. There were also “heated” comments around the actual geographic locations for data centers. Speakers also discussed the rise of cloud computing and potential implications for data centers.

As part of the discussion, Mr. Feldman shared his perspective on trends in emerging markets, with a particular focus on how secondary markets have impacted leasing in major markets and whether these may serve as viable alternatives; differences in leasing options between public/private and hybrid cloud offerings, and how cloud computing will impact leasing services in the future.

Sharing Industry Experience with a National Audience

Shortly after the conference in New York, Mr. Feldman traveled to Las Vegas to participate in AFCOM’s Data Center World Global Conference 2015, where he gave a presentation entitled, “Where Should the Cloud Live?” The talk focused on the growing role of cloud computing, and how it will impact the physical infrastructure for cloud providers.

Mr. Feldman addressed how data distribution requirements to new types of devices may impact energy consumption, and shared ideas on how data centers can take a new approach to accommodate an increased need for storage space and bandwidth capacity while still ensuring lowest latency, security and proximity. As part of his presentation, Mr. Feldman spoke about proprietary energy strategies and innovative systems implemented at DataGryd’s data center at 60 Hudson in New York City.