Armstrong® has released its Prelude® XL Max™ 15/16” suspension system supports single point loads up to 200 pounds for cable trays, bus bars, and other data center components anywhere along the suspension system face. Using 3/8 in. threaded rod connections and integrated hanging clips, Prelude XL Max provides flexible and reconfigurable support for overhead cable tray and electrical distribution without a separate strut channel system.

The patented load connector clips attach to the face of the suspension system, eliminating unsightly threaded rod penetrations through the ceiling plane. This minimizes unwanted air infiltration and improves access and aesthetics. Easily installed anywhere along the suspension system face, the load connector clips provide the flexibility to place cable trays anywhere within a space and reconfigure them to adapt to changes in floor plans or server configurations.

The pre-engineered suspension system meets ASTM C635, ASTM C636, ASTM E580, ICC-ES AC156 and is available in Seismic D, E, and F configurations. The system comes with a 30-Year Limited System Warranty. White is the standard color for main beams and cross tees and all clips are unfinished. Custom colors are available.

Armstrong Ceiling Systems offers selected square lay-in ceiling panels that meet the high-performance standards of data center applications and install easily in the new Prelude XL Max suspension system, including Ultima®, Ultima Create!™, and Clean Room™ FL and VL acoustical ceiling panels.