Cannon T4 Inc.’s Cocooning Chimney is available in passive and active variants, Cocooning Chimneys are perfect as part of a free air cooling system, which uses ambient air to remove the heat from a data center. Free air cooling delivers energy efficient and cost effective data centers, however, one of the key challenges is providing the correct balance between cold aisle temperature, IT equipment fan speed and hot air return temperature. Cocooning via a vertical chimney ensures hot exhaust air from one rack, a row of racks or a complete aisle, is ducted to the ceiling hot air return plenum without affecting aisle temperatures.

Cannon T4 has used its vast experience in chimney design and configuration within the Cocooning Chimneys, and to eliminate the common problems associated with free cooling – polluted air, pollen, insects and humidity – it has designed them to be used alongside airside economizers. Perfect for retrofitting, they bring ambient air in, filter it and then mix it with exhaust air to raise the temperature if required. The air is then passed either through an air-to-air heat exchanger, or direct and through a back-up water or DX air coil, in order to getthe right temperature for the room.