Data Aire, Inc. has expanded its existing gForce line of precision cooling units with gForce Ultra. to the data center and mission critical markets. gForce Ultra incorporates variable speed technology to provide unparalleled energy savings, precise cooling and increased capacity modulation.  

The most notable feature in the new gForce Ultra is the application of variable speed compressors. While fixed speed compressors run at a constant speed to handle given capacity requirements, the variable speed compressor is able to utilize varying capacity-regulation performances resulting in increased energy savings, quieter operation, and improved scalability. Additional features of the gForce Ultra include up to 24% energy savings over standard precision cooling equipment; adapts to required cooling demands and retains precise setpoint; suitable for data centers with varying (heat) loads; increased energy savings at part load; helps reduce power consumption as capacity ranges flex; and more accurate temperature control.  gForce Ultra is available in single (36 and 45 kW capacities) and dual (56, 70, and 106 kW capacities) Circuit, Direct Expansion models.