Ark Data Centres Limited (Ark) has announced that it has chosen Interoute, owner operator of Europe's largest network infrastructure, to provide a high capacity low latency inter-data centre network between Ark’s Wiltshire and Hampshire campuses for the provision of data centre colocation services

Ark recently announced that it has embarked on a joint venture with the Cabinet Office through Crown Hosting Data Centres to deliver an extensive data centre estate for central government and the public sector. The services offered by Crown Hosting Data Centres will take advantage of Ark’s campus locations in Hampshire and Wiltshire which offer industry leading security, campus design and power usage efficiency (PUE) figures.

Interoute has constructed a Private Managed Optical Network between the Ark campuses. Interoute is uniquely positioned to provide unlimited capacity between all Ark locations with diverse fibre routes, building entries, racks and equipment; along with market leading service levels and delivery lead-times. All Interoute services between the Ark campuses are CESG Assured Service (Telecoms), CAS(T), approved and Interoute was recently awarded Direct Network Service Provider (DNSP) status by the Cabinet Office.

Steve Webb, CIO at Ark Data Centres, said “Ark and Vtesse (Vtesse was acquired by Interoute in October 2014) have a successful history of working together, which began in 2008 with the development of Ark’s first campus in Wiltshire. Vtesse, now Interoute, has maintained an outstanding level of service delivery, innovating where others were unable to deliver and so it is the perfect partner for our services to the public sector via Crown Hosting Data Centres.”

Jonathan Wright, Interoute’s managing director of the former Vtesse group, said “We have a long history with Ark and our relationship continues to go from strength to strength. We are thrilled that Ark has chosen to work with us again on such an extensive project and look forward to putting our expertise to work.”

Interoute’s UK network reach recently expanded as a result of its acquisition of Vtesse, as well as adding connectivity to an additional 55 UK data centres and 48 major towns and cities in England, Scotland, and Wales.