Hitec Power Protection, Inc. has announced that its flagship offering, the QPS UPS System, will be featured at Critical Power 2015, May 13-14, Milwaukee Convention Center, WI (Booth #115). Additionally, the company’s vice president of engineering, Will Cisler, will be a panelist on the UPS Panel Discussion on May 13 at 11:15a.m. The QPS Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System represents the latest advancement in UPS/standby power supply and power quality solutions to improve business continuity for data centers, industrial, medical, utility and other mission-critical facilities.

Recent studies estimate power interruptions and power quality disturbances nationwide cost more than $150 billion annually in lost productivity, idled manpower, delivery penalties, damage to work in progress and equipment malfunction or damage.Hitec’s QPS UPS system addresses this issue by providing a more reliable backup power source with innovative features such as:

  • Modular design UPS design
  • 25-plus year life cycle
  • Highest power density per square foot
  • No-break UPS ratings of up to 3,600 kVA
  • Millions of kilowatt-hours saved over the system’s lifecycle

“Hitec is upending existing assumptions about what a UPS is capable of doing,” said Will Cisler, VP of Engineering, Hitec Power Protection. “Our advances in safety, energy savings and space reduction have received significant praise as we fundamentally change the capabilities of uninterruptible power supplies. We are excited to discuss our new innovations with attendeesat Critical Power 2015.”