Rosendin Electric has announced the consolidation of its Renewable Energy Divisions in its Southern California office. Dedicated to the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of renewable energy projects, the newly formed Rosendin Electric Renewable Energy Group bridges the company’s Solar Power and Wind Energy Divisions, and adds battery storage and sustainable power to support the emerging microgrid market.

Rosendin Electric’s Renewable Energy Divisions will continue to bid on alternative energy projects that take advantage of the company’s expertise in solar and wind power construction. It also allows the company to develop new strategies to service customers looking for backup power and alternative energy solutions. For example, there is a growing demand for microgrids to service rural areas and island communities with more sustainable, cost-effective power. Rosendin Electric has been expanding its market reach into areas such as Puerto Rico where microgrids designed using a combination of solar arrays, wind power, natural gas generators, and energy storage offer an attractive alternative power solution.

“Demand for renewable energy solutions is on the rise, and by bringing together our Solar, Wind, and Power Storage specialties under one umbrella, we can develop new, hybrid sustainable solutions that take advantage of the best resources available,” said Jon “Woody” Woodworth, senior vice president for Rosendin Electric. “Rosendin Electric is in a unique position to pioneer new renewable energy solutions because of our depth of knowledge and experience in both solar and wind power.”

Woodworth will head up the new Renewable Energy Group. David Lincoln will continue his role as director of solar operations and Nate Williams will remain division manager for Wind Power.Duncan Frederick remains in his position as Director of Marketing, Energy Services, overseeing business development for the company’s Caribbean and Latin American markets while also driving Rosendin Electric’s distributed generation integrated energy solutions initiative. Glenn Patterson will be relocating from Rosendin Electric’s Oregon regional office as preconstruction manager for Energy Storage. The Rosendin Electric Renewable Energy Group will have its headquarters in Rosendin Electric’s regional office in La Palma, California.

Rosendin Electric has been providing wind power services for more than a decade and has installed over 10,000 megawatts (MW) of clean wind energy throughout the United States. The company added solar power EPC services seven years ago and has installed arrays generating more than 1,240 MW of clean power throughout the country, including Puerto Rico. The Renewable Energy Group has a joint comprehensive portfolio of construction services, including design-build, substation and switchyard installation, vertical tower wiring, overhead collection systems and transmission lines, underground collection systems, and substation design and communications integration.