Industry veteran Gary Anderson, former president of Arteche PQ, INC., has launched APQ, LLC to provide a range of electrical power products and services that save users money. Power Quality products from APQ will mitigate harmonics and improve the quality and efficiency of building operations. APQ is serving North America, building on the quality line of Arteche products, services and technology.

Anderson has extensive experience in the engineering, application and system integration of motor drives, power quality, harmonic mitigation and electrical energy conservation in the industry. Anderson’s experience includes serving as president of Drive Source International (Dynamatic), VP of Sales and Marketing for TCI (Trans-Coil, Inc) and president of Perigon Systems (a motor drive system integrator). Gary Anderson stated the new company’s goals, “APQ is committed to improving the electrical power quality of commercial, industrial and utility systems while saving energy and increasing the productive life of electrical systems and motors. Quality electrical power is a basic input for industrial production that lowers cost, reduces downtime, and increase equipment life.”

Although the company is in itself a new business, the entire Arteche PQ, INC. team joined Anderson to work for APQ. This team of veterans has over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, as well as an established group of sales representatives throughout the United States and Canada.

APQ has a full line of proven low voltage power quality products and services to assist in the analysis, development and deployment of cost effective solutions for power factor correction, harmonic mitigation and other common power quality challenges. APQ helps industries meet goals to achieve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse emissions caused by wasteful harmonic energy and low power factor. APQ assists in safeguarding essential equipment, therefore extending its productive life. In addition, APQ also provides seminars on power quality (power factor & harmonics), power factor, harmonics, VFD power quality, simplified harmonic analysis, and power quality investment analysis.

Companies that improve their electrical power quality will increase their profits and competitiveness by lowering operating costs, reducing downtime and increasing asset life. APQ guides customers step-by-step to improve power quality, protect equipment, and save money.

APQ, LLC has a staff of experts available for interviews on power topics and to provide articles for editorials.