TrendPoint Systems Inc. has announced the launch of Branch Circuit Power Meter 2.0 – the new version of its BCPM product that delivers utility-grade power data.

BCPM 2.0 is the latest evolution of TrendPoint’s exceptional technology, delivering power quality data down to the branch circuit level. The BCPM 2.0 meter is the first of its kind to offer waveform capture, along with harmonics. BCPM 2.0 improves upon the industry’s method of using three-phase PQM meters for the switchgear, switchboards, and distribution panels. The new version also removes complexity from metering platforms, by enabling TrendPoint customers to monitor all pieces of power equipment in a data center on one platform at equal to or better price points than competitors.

“With BCPM 2.0, TrendPoint is achieving the next level of simplicity and comprehensive visibility for power monitoring,” said Jon Trout, chief technology officer for TrendPoint. “Most other BCPM products on the market cannot even deliver utility-grade power data. Our BCPM 2.0 is delivering even more of this high-value power quality data, including harmonics and waveform capture.”

TrendPoint’s BCPM 2.0 makes it easier and less costly to implement power metering than other solutions on the market. Facebook is one of TrendPoint’s customer that has deployed BCPM 2.0 in its data centers.

“BCPM 2.0 also works better as part of an overall metering platform,” said Jon Trout. “We can implement one power meter, one platform, one system in one piece of equipment, and provide all necessary data points with less complexity for communication, integration, and device management.”