H5 Data Centers has announced more than eight million dollars in energy-efficient infrastructure upgrades to its 300,000 sq ft Denver data center campus. The upgrades are projected to lower the overall PUE of the Denver colocation campus as well as strengthen the company’s commitment to infrastructure reliability and environmental responsibility.

“Investing in energy-efficient data centers is good for the environment, our diverse customer base, and our company as a whole,” said Josh Simms, chief executive officer at H5 Data Centers. “Our team continues to make steady progress on the planned improvements with full completion on the Denver colocation campus expected by the end of Q4 2015.”

Energy efficient data center upgrades include:

  • New UPS units that will increase power efficiencies to more than 94%
  • Flat-plate heat exchanger to utilize water-side free cooling
  • Variable speed cylindrical fans on computer room air-handling units (CRAHs)
  • Sub-floor baffling cold air containment for high density zones
  • New, high-efficiency insulated roof
  • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and proximity lighting
  • Cooling tower water treatment system
  • New Building Management System (BMS)

“Our decision to invest more than $8 million in capital improvements to the Denver data center campus shows H5 Data Centers’ commitment to being on the leading edge of operational and energy efficiency,” continued Simms. “This commitment also supports the green initiatives of our growing ecosystem of enterprise customers, content distributors, and networks and cloud providers.”

H5 Data Centers’ Denver colocation campus features two independent data centers and 17+ MWs of power supporting wholesale data center suites, colocation, and office space. The campus is home to mission-critical IT infrastructure from some of the largest companies in Denver who choose H5 Data Centers for its 10-year 100% uptime track record, innovative security features, and dedicated customer service.