The company has introduced the new Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) and released significant updates to Server & Application Monitor (SAM), Virtualization Manager and Web Performance Monitor (WPM), including greater integration with SolarWinds’ Orion® technology backbone and the new SolarWinds® AppStack dashboard.

The new Storage Resource Monitor is designed to provide IT with the necessary insight into storage resources and the potential performance impact on virtual environments to ultimately ensure business-critical application performance. Storage Resource Monitor provides support for dozens of common arrays and features new NetApp® Cluster-mode, as well as NetApp IBM® N-series, NetApp E-series family, EMC® VNX family, and Dell® EqualLogic® PS Series arrays, to name a few. With real-time visibility into heterogeneous SAN and NAS arrays and integration with the Orion technology and AppStack dashboard, an IT pro is able to view and manage an IT environment from array to application.