Hitec Power Protection, Inc. has announced its latest speaking engagement. David Mazur, the company’s chief technologist and vice president, sales and marketing, has been invited to address attendees at Data Center World Global Conference, April 19-23, in Las Vegas. Mazur will emphasize why rotary UPS systems are the best power and safety options for high-energy consuming data center environments.

Mazur’s presentation, "Protecting Your Business Efficiently With Rotary UPS" is scheduled for Monday, April 20, 10-15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. in Jamaica A&B.  Attendees will gain insight on the application of highly efficient rotary power supplies in the manufacturing, process, healthcare, semiconductor, and mission-critical markets.  Emphasis will be on practical technology applications as highlighted through case studies, design and installation process and equipment total cost of ownership examples.  Additionally, attendees will receive tools for calculating specific rotary power ROI.

“Price, power consumption, safety and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are primary concerns when evaluating UPS functionality,” Mazur explained. “However, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding the various options that often obscure the best options. We are proud to have been viewed as an authority on backup power systems and eager to share our knowledge with Data Center World’s conference attendees.”

Designed for a 25-plus year life cycle Hitec Power Protection offers its QPS system, which is a fully engineered power solution backed by a flexible, modular design.  The QPS offers the highest power density per sq ft available in the UPS market with no-break UPS ratings of up to 3,600 kVA.  Furthermore the QPS system offers savings that can be in millions of kilowatt-hours of electricity over the lifecycle of the equipment, with the resultant benefits in reduced carbon footprint, emissions, and consumption.  Offering full UPS functionality to protect mission-critical systems, the focus of the QPS design is a commitment to energy efficiency and powering data centers to achieve high levels of end-to-end efficiency.