Pentair’s Thermal Building Solutions will showcase its broad portfolio of integrated products and services at this year’s Data Center World Conference & Trade Show in Las Vegas, USA, 19-23 April 2015. Pentair will present its leading brands in equipment and building protection – Raychem, and TraceTek. The range will include data center cabinets, heat management and leak detection systems and services to highlight its combined offering to the IT sector.

Visitors will be able to find out more about TraceTek, a highly reliable and versatile water leak detection system with many interchangeable components that can be fully customized to meet the requirements for each application. The TraceTek product range includes leak sensing cables and alarm panels for protecting large and small data centers from shutdown. A key benefit of the TraceTek system is its modular structure and cable architecture, which does not need monitoring electronics to be installed underfloor, resulting in higher system reliability and significantly minimizing any maintenance costs. In addition, Pentair’s Fast Fuel Sensors monitor diesel back up power generators for fuel leaks, protecting facilities from potential fire damage. Using Pentair’s Fast Fuel Sensors may help reduce a facility’s overall insurance risk classification.

Pentair has recently extended the warranty on its TT1000 leak sensing cables, becoming the first manufacturer to offer a product guarantee of 10 years. This demonstrates the robustness and reliability of its technology, providing additional reassurance to data center managers that their equipment is protected.

Pentair will also exhibit its Raychem heat-tracing solutions, which provide effective and energy-efficient frost protection of external building pipework. These innovative self-regulating cables and associated control units provide the right amount of heat only when necessary. Raychem’s product range also includes advanced control and monitoring options for economic system operation and provides users with complete piece of mind thanks to its 10 year warranty.

Matt Chamberlain, global product manager at Pentair Thermal Building Solutions comments: “We are delighted to present our portfolio of solutions to the data center and infrastructure market. Protecting equipment and optimizing operations is key for the continuous performance of data centers. We offer comprehensive, customizable products and services to meet the requirements of IT professionals and operators. Pentair’s commitment to provide high quality and reliable leak detection equipment is also reflected in the 10 year warranty extension on the TT1000 leak sensing cables. It brings even more value to customers and provides full confidence that their infrastructure is protected with robust and long-lasting technology.”

Visit booth 712 to discover Pentair’s comprehensive portfolio of integrated data center and infrastructure solutions.