Kohler Power Systems has released new software that makes sizing and specifying generators and power systems easier than ever. The company’s Power Solutions Centeris an intuitive spec and sizing program integrating best-in-class features to help users easily and accurately identify the optimum power system for their application.

“Let’s be honest. Specifying and sizing a complex power system can be stressful and difficult work,” said Dave Schuh, channel manager for Kohler Power Systems. “But, we’ve made it significantly easier by offering intuitive tools in combination with detailed specifications and drawings in a single location – giving engineers a one-stop resource for power solutions. We’re very excited about this all-new software and, more importantly, the unequaled ease-of-use and peace-of-mind that our Power Solutions Centerwill deliver to its users.”  

Kohler’s Power Solutions Centeris an innovation that will change the way generator systems are specified. The software provides features unparalleled in the industry and was designed to outperform other specifying solutions in the marketplace. Special features include:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality that makes load additions fast and easy
  • Single-line diagram formatting with easy-to-read drawings that allow for visual load confirmation
  • Intuitive and complete generator set and power systems reports with charting
  • Exhaust pipe, fuel line, and room sizing tools
  • Easy-to-create specifications in industry standard CSI format
  • One central repository for all technical information related to the power system
  • Click-for-quote functionality that connects directly to a local Kohler Power Systems distributor
  • Offline use with automatic updates once reconnected to the network   

The Power Solution Center software offers the industry’s most comprehensive and feature-rich solution. The software’s sizing and specifying capability is supported with other intuitive engineering tools that make the user’s job even easier. Along with these tools, the program’s technical functionality provides harmonic analysis calculations performed on each generator load. The user also has the ability to customize load properties and individual current harmonics for a variety of applications.

“Kohler’s Power Solutions Centerstrikes a perfect balance by providing all the tools specifiers need in a very user friendly and intuitive interface,” said Steve Petrouske from Steiner Electric. “Without question, it’s the best specifying software we’ve seen.”