Emerson Network Power has introduced Liebert® Custom Air Handling Units, designed to be comprehensive line of air handling solutions for mission critical environments.

Now available globally, Liebert Custom Air Handling Units offer wide-ranging configuration options and the most advanced thermal optimization controls designed specifically for data center applications. Comprised of the Liebert Direct Evaporative Free-Cooling Unit, Liebert Indirect Evaporative Free-Cooling Unit, Liebert Chilled Water Air Handler and Liebert DX Air Handler, the suite offers, from a single supplier, a level of customization and flexibility previously not available for data centers.

“Today’s data centers need proven, innovative technology that will remove heat as efficiently as possible, based on the customer needs and facility layout,” said John Peter Valiulis, vice president, North America marketing, thermal management, Emerson Network Power. “With the Liebert Custom Air Handling technology, smaller-scale data centers now have access to the same world?class, innovative design and advanced controls that previously were available only to hyperscale data centers. With our decades of data center experience, we are unique in being able to work with customers to design an optimal thermal management solution for their goals, facility and geography.”

The Liebert Custom Air Handling Units feature the Liebert iCOM™ control system, which provides advanced protection and efficiency optimization enabling the units to achieve annual mechanical PUEs well under 1.2. The control system offers machine-to-machine (m2m) teamwork with advanced algorithms that automatically adjust air flow, temperature and economizer operations based on IT loads and outdoor conditions to optimize efficiency and protection. Unlike off-the-shelf controls that can be difficult to deploy, Liebert iCOM may not require customized programming or third?party integration. As a result, customers can reduce installation and deployment costs by up to 20 percent compared to alternative air handling control solutions.

Liebert Custom Air Handling Units have been deployed by a number of companies looking to improve data center efficiency and capacity. For instance, Green House Data, a cloud hosting, colocation and managed IT solutions provider, recently deployed multiple Liebert Indirect Evaporative Free-Cooling Units in its Cheyenne, Wyoming facility.

“The Liebert Custom Air Handling unit gave us the flexibility and efficiency we were looking for. The Emerson Network Power team worked closely with us to understand the needs of our data center and customized the unit specifically for our facility,” said Shawn Mills, president and CEO of Green House Data. “We anticipate a PUE of 1.14, and the air handling units from Emerson Network Power play a major role in helping us achieve these incredible efficiency gains.”

Along with the four primary cooling technology options, data center managers can customize the solution in a number of additional ways, including:

  • Unit capacity and physical dimensions
  • Airflow path, entering and discharge locations
  • Electronically commutated (EC) or direct drive fans with variable frequency drive (VFD) arranged as single or fan array
  • Trim or full secondary cooling options using chilled water or direct expansion
  • Type and level of filtration
  • Color, thickness, efficiency, rigidity and corrosion resistance of unit casing
  • Noise and snow mitigation requirements